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BoltServers Technologies LTD

Bulletproof VPS Hosting

With Bulletproof VPS, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and your website is operating at peak performance.

BoltServers Technologies LTD

Port Scanning & Mass Scan allowed

Whether you're a security professional or just looking to improve your online security, our Port Scanning allowed VPS is the perfect solution for you.

BoltServers Technologies LTD

Spoofed VPS with 10Gbps Bandwidth

Spoofed VPS with 10Gbps Bandwidth offers a secure and reliable solution for businesses and individuals looking to protect their online identity.

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Fastest NVMe Servers

NVMe offer incredible speed, superior reliability, and a high efficiency. The NVMe designed to optimize performance and minimize latency (delay), which makes it the perfect choice for users who demand the best possible performance.


Netherlands Data Center

We offer data center services in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but where your website is hosted is important for performance. Access to data centers allows us to optimize server resources and improve website performance.


24/7 Server monitoring

We have developed an intelligent system that constantly monitors your website and servers to provide automatic upgrades and update notifications. Additionally, our onsite technical team is always on-site to physically monitor the server status.

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Years of Hosting Knowledge
We're Boss in Offshore World

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Most of the people believe in freedom of speech and want to publish the truth. If that is the case, you can use our Bulletproof VPS. Usually, if you want to host malicious content such as Ip Scanner, Spoofing, GameServer, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing, Fascism & Terrorism , Botnet, Crypto Mining, malware & DDoSing, then a normal US-based hosts won’t allow it. You must use a bulletproof hosting service to host it.

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BoltServers Domain

Search Bulletproof Domain

If you are creating a website, it is recommended to purchase the domain from the same website. While it may be slightly more expensive, this ensures the safety of your bulletproof domain. If you acquire your domain name from a different provider, there is a high likelihood that they may suspend it, resulting in the loss of your efforts. It is advisable to purchase both the domain and hosting services from reliable, trustworthy companies.









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We're Boss in Offshore World

What is Spoofed VPS?

A spoofed VPS is used for malicious purposes, such as launching DDoS attacks or distributing malware. those servers are located in unknown place and is accomplished by obscuring its true IP address with a false one. This makes it difficult for authorities to track down the source of the attack or infection. Spoofed VPSs are frequently utilized by cybercriminals to perform their malicious actions in a covert manner, thereby ensuring their anonymity. Spoofed VPSes can be created using various techniques, such as domain name spoofing, IP address spoofing, or DNS manipulations.

Purpose and Intent:

A. Spoofed VPS are typically used for unauthorized activities, such as fraudulent schemes, phishing attempts, or distributing malware.

B. Cybercriminals leverage the deceptive nature of spoofed VPS to trick users into disclosing sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial details.

C. These servers can also serve as platforms for launching attacks on other networks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

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Dedicated Plans for Our Premium Customers

You are in right place here you can find Spoofed VPS where you can run and we ALLOWED Botnet, IP Scanner, Spoofing, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming , Botnet, Crypto Mining. 10gbps Duplex Bandwidth Cost: $692/mo

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Pricing (USD)
Dual E5-2620 v3 1 vCPU 2.96GHz 1 GB(DDR4) 10 GB NVMe 100 Mbp/S 49/mo Order Now
Dual E5-2620 v3 4 vCPU 2.96GHz 6 GB(DDR4) 50 GB NVMe 350 Mbp/S 139/mo Order Now
Dual E5-2620 v3 12 vCPU 2.96GHz 16 GB(DDR4) 128 GB NVMe 1 Gbp/S 349/mo Order Now
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We Have Custom Plans

We host agencies and enterprise clients of all sizes. Plans with special needs are available, as well as dedicated VMs.

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Elias M. Jessen

Exceptional services are provided at amazing prices with excellent customer support. As a new customer, I faced some difficulties while transferring my website from my previous hosting provider to BoltServers. However, their technical assistance was outstanding; they resolved my issues and furnished me with explanations and resources. BoltServers is a remarkable company.

star rating
Johan Frederiksen

I have been using Bolt Servers for about a year to host my websites, including victoriana.co.nz, and I am pleased to say that my sites are performing well. I have had no reason to get in touch with Armada as they have provided a smooth and hassle-free service, without any spam or technical issues. I would rate them 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend them.

star rating
Michael Thomsen

In the past 10 years of using the internet, I have not come across any hosting service that is better than BoltServers. Their technical experts are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to assist and remain patient throughout. Bolt Servers is striving to establish itself in the competitive hosting industry, making it an excellent opportunity for you. I strongly advise using their services.

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Got questions?
Well, we'have got answers.

1. Necessary of Bulletproof VPS Hosting, (The Ultimate Protection for Phishing Websites)

Bulletproof VPS for phishing is a form of web hosting that is specifically designed to support illegal activities related to online phishing scams. Bulletproof hosting providers knowingly offer their services to phishing websites, allowing them to operate with reduced risk of shutdown or takedown by law enforcement agencies or cybersecurity professionals. Phishing websites typically require both a domain name and web hosting services to operate. Bulletproof hosting providers offer these domains in a way that conceals the true identity of the website's owner or administrator. They frequently utilize tactics such as false WHOIS information or domain proxy services to mask the actual owner's details. This makes it difficult for authorities to trace the responsible individuals or entities involved in the illegal activities.

Bulletproof VPS hosting providers also implement a range of security measures to protect their hosted phishing websites from being identified or disrupted. Encryption and anonymity techniques, such as hosting websites on the dark web or using VPN to hide the servers' real IP addresses, are among these measures. By employing these tactics, these providers aim to maintain the resilience of their hosting services, allowing the illicit websites to continue operating for extended periods undisturbed.

The rise of bulletproof vps hosting for phishing poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity professionals worldwide. While efforts are being made to combat these illegal activities through partnerships between international authorities, the dispersed nature of these hosting services and the continuous evolution of phishing techniques make their detection and takedown difficult. Overcoming this challenge requires a collaborative approach, involving the cooperation of governments, internet service providers, and cybersecurity experts to disrupt and dismantle these bulletproof hosting operations, ultimately protecting individuals and organizations from falling victim to phishing scams.