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Str. Constantin D. Aricescu, Romania

+1 (862) 263-0611

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Plans Starting at $125.00/mo

DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server Hosting

Whether you are a small business owner or a web developer, DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server from Netherlands is essential for the smooth operation of your online presence.

  • Performance
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1Gbp/S Uplink
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The right Netherlands Server Plan for your Website!

Are you tired of the limitations of shared hosting? Do you have high traffic, resource-intensive websites or applications that require more power and control? It's time to consider an netherlands dedicated server. While shared hosting may be a more affordable option, it lacks the flexibility and customization that a dedicated server can provide.

Professional E5-2620 v3

NOT ALLOWED: IP Scanner, Spoofing, GameServer, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing. Also most abuse crime is - Fascism & Terrorism , Botnet, Crypto Mining, malware & DDoSing, Child Pornography.

  • 2x Xeon E5-2620 v3
  • 12 CPU Cores (12C/24T)
  • 64GB DDR4 (Max 128GB)
  • 480GB NVMe (RAID 0)
  • 1 Gbit Port Speed
  • 50TB Monthly Transfer
  • 01 IPv4 IP Address
  • Windows or Linux
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$125.00 /mo

Professional E5-2630 v3

NOT ALLOWED: IP Scanner, Spoofing, GameServer, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing. Also most abuse crime is - Fascism & Terrorism , Botnet, Crypto Mining, malware & DDoSing, Child Pornography.

  • 2x Xeon E5-2630 v3
  • 12 CPU Cores (16C/32T)
  • 64GB DDR4 (Max 128GB)
  • 480GB NVMe (RAID 0)
  • 1 Gbit Port Speed
  • 100TB Monthly Transfer
  • 01 IPv4 IP Address
  • Windows or Linux

Free Website Migration Service

Designed for Performance

Keeping Your Data Safe

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Why Choose us?

Enjoy BoltServer 100%% network up-time guarantee, unlimited FREE bandwidth with security certificates, completely FREE DDoS protection, quality FREE unmetered bandwidth included on a 1 gigabit connection (10 gigabit upgrade available). Guaranteed network speed means you can reach maximum throughput with no traffic congestion. Best of all? there is no such thing as “bandwidth overages” here at BoltServers.

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Enterprise Servers

Our server configurations are designed to offer maximum performance and reliability to our clients. We utilize only the most reputable brands and incorporate advanced hardware Raid Controller technology to ensure seamless operation. Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes, whether they are just starting out or have an established presence in the market.

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Our company offers a variety of comprehensive security solutions that guarantee the utmost protection of your sensitive data and infrastructure against all potential physical and virtual threats. Our solutions are designed to meet the highest standards of DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and FISMA compliance. Our customizable security options are tailored to meet your specific safety needs and ensure maximum safety and peace of mind.


DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Utilize high-end compute, storage, and private network resources to create a customized IT platform. As a single-tenant environment, BoltServer's 10Gbps dedicated servers provide optimized compute power at an opex model, allowing you to keep control over your configuration.

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24x7 Support and LiveChat

Fast and secure website transfer, template or module installation, and human-powered technical support service for website-related issues!

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Server Management

Cloud-based reseller hosting ensure optimal uptime and no hardware failures. Get the fastest read/write times with SSD storage!

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Full Root Access

With BoltServers, you have complete control over your server resources, enabling you to customize and adjust them to better suit your website.

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Amsterdam, Data Center

Our data center services are exclusively available in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, the geographical location of your website's hosting plays a vital role in ensuring the best possible performance.

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DDoS Protection & IP Based Firewall

Our advanced all-in-one protection service protects your website from DDoS attacks and other malicious requests. All IP addresses involved in malicious activity are blocked.

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LiteSpeed web server & LS Cache Plugin

Your website will be blazingly fast thanks to our unique caching capabilities called LiteSpeed, and easy integrations with the most popular open source platforms.

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Need Some Help?

BoltServers support crew are available for all your business and technical issues, service and product advice. We are available by phone, email, live chat or via the contact form. Our support team is friendly and ready to help!

Why you Buy DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server from BoltServer's?

  • Global provider with a wide range of server options.
  • TIER III data centers with N+1 redundancy.
  • Strong presence in the Netherlands with Secure and reliable network infrastructure.
  • Excellent network connectivity and uptime.
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    Hundreds of five-star ratings. Every day & Month.

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    Elias M. Jessen

    Exceptional services are provided at amazing prices with excellent customer support. As a new customer, I faced some difficulties while transferring my website from my previous hosting provider to BoltServers. However, their technical assistance was outstanding; they resolved my issues and furnished me with explanations and resources. BoltServers is a remarkable company.

    star rating
    Johan Frederiksen

    I have been using Bolt Servers for about a year to host my websites, including victoriana.co.nz, and I am pleased to say that my sites are performing well. I have had no reason to get in touch with Armada as they have provided a smooth and hassle-free service, without any spam or technical issues. I would rate them 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend them.

    star rating
    Michael Thomsen

    In the past 10 years of using the internet, I have not come across any hosting service that is better than BoltServers. Their technical experts are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to assist and remain patient throughout. Bolt Servers is striving to establish itself in the competitive hosting industry, making it an excellent opportunity for you. I strongly advise using their services.

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    Got questions?
    Well, we'have got answers.

    1. What is Dedicated Server? (Why Dedicated Servers are a Game-Changer for Your Business)

    A dedicated server is a type of hosting solution that provides exclusive use of a physical server to a single organization or user. Unlike shared hosting, where multiple websites share resources on a single server, a dedicated server offers complete control and customization options. The server hardware, resources, and network connectivity are dedicated solely to the user, ensuring optimal performance and security. Since the resources are not shared with other users, there is no competition for processing power, memory, or disk space. This allows websites or applications hosted on a dedicated server to handle high traffic volumes and resource-intensive tasks with ease. In addition, users have the flexibility to configure their servers according to their specific needs, optimizing performance and achieving faster load times.

    Another significant benefit of dedicated servers is their heightened security. With shared hosting, the vulnerability of one website to security breaches can impact the entire server and all the websites hosted on it. In contrast, a dedicated server provides a more secure environment as there are no other users to compromise its integrity. Users can protect their data from unauthorized access and attacks such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols. Dedicated servers also offer greater flexibility compared to other hosting options. The user has full control and can upgrade or modify the server's resources as their needs evolve over time. This scalability ensures that the server can accommodate increased traffic, new applications, or demanding workloads without experiencing performance issues.

    In conclusion, a dedicated server provides exclusive use of a physical server to a single user or organization, offering enhanced performance, heightened security, and greater scalability. Its advantages include optimal resource allocation, improved website loading speeds, increased customization options, and the flexibility to scale resources as needed. By choosing a dedicated server, organizations can ensure a reliable and efficient hosting solution tailored to their specific requirements.

    2. Tips for Selecting the right DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server Provider

    Selecting the right provider for server which ignore DMCA notice requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some tips for making informed decisions.

    A. Compare prices and features: Conduct a thorough comparison of prices, server specifications, and additional features offered by various providers to find the best value for your budget.

    B. Consider network connectivity: Assess the provider's network connectivity and bandwidth capacity to ensure fast and stable connections for your server.

    C. Review security measures: Check your provider's security measures such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and data backups to ensure server and data security.

    D. Check data center facilities: Look for providers with state-of-the-art data centers that offer redundant power, cooling systems, and physical security measures.

    E. Evaluate customer support: Determine the quality and responsiveness of customer support offered by each provider, as you may require assistance in case of server issues or technical difficulties.

    3. Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Server in the Netherlands

    Choosing a dedicated server in the Netherlands offers several benefits for businesses and individuals alike. Some key advantages include:

    A. Low latency: The Netherlands is strategically located in Europe, making it an ideal location for serving customers across the continent. Low latency ensures a smooth and responsive user experience.

    B. Reliable infrastructure: The Netherlands has a robust and reliable internet infrastructure, ensuring high uptime and minimal disruptions.

    C. Advanced security measures: Data protection and cybersecurity are top priorities in the Netherlands. Dutch has strict data protection laws, they ensuring that customer data is kept secure and confidential.

    D. 24/7 support: Many dedicated server providers in the Netherlands offer round-the-clock technical support to ensure that any issues are promptly addressed.

    E. Scalability: Dedicated servers in the Netherlands offer scalable resources, allowing businesses to easily upgrade or downgrade their server specifications as needed.

    When choosing a dedicated server provider from Netherlands, it is important to consider factors such as CPU, RAM, network connectivity and price. Comparing providers like RevenueServer, PalexWeb, ZoneServ, and SvServers can help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements and budget.

    SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference?

    SSD and HDD are two types of storage devices for computers. SSD use flash memory to store data, while HDDs use spinning disks. SSDs provide faster boot times, application launches, and file transfers due to their lack of moving parts. SSD are more reliable and durable, as they are less chance to physical damage. However, SSD are more expensive per gigabyte than HDD, making them less cost-effective for large storage needs. HDD still have their place in the market due to their capacity, affordability, and compatibility with older systems. The choice between an SSD and HDD depends on the user's needs and budget.

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